Dogs are our best friends, and they deserve a large space to run and play! But we know the wear and destruction that your pup can dispose of on your lawn. It’s a struggle to maintain beautiful turf with challenges like digging, urine, and paths in the grass. In this blog, we’ll share some pro tips and tricks to help you regain that gorgeous green yard that both you and your furry friend can enjoy.


Dog urine creates spots in grass that appear as chemical burns: that’s because it is. Because the waste is high in nitrogen, it can manifest itself in green spots in lawns with poor fertility, but in lawns with good fertility, it will be too much for the turf to handle.

Dog on the Lawn Near a Brown Spot

You can help mitigate the impact of dog urine by watering the affected spots right after your pup relieves themselves. There are also dissolvable lawn saver supplements that you can add to their water to help neutralize urine.


There are many reasons why your pet is digging in the backyard. Part of the reason could be that they just need a cool area to lay down. Soil temperatures a few inches below the surface have moisture from regular watering, making the ground colder. But some dogs are just diggers! You may notice an improvement in this impulse by investing more attention and exercise to decrease the urge to dig.

Dog digging in the lawn

For recovery assistance, you may need to add new soil along with a few squares of sod as the longer the soil is exposed, the more likely it is to become hydrophobic.

  • Hydrophobic soil is a result of low moisture, producing a waxy coating on the surface that repels water.
  • If your soil is hydrophobic, it will resist water penetration and root development as runners try to fill in.

How can you help your dog to stop digging? If the cause is the heat, consider these solutions:

  • Get them a kiddie pool, filling it a couple of inches with cold water & setting it up in a shady spot
  • Create a comfortable shaded area in your yard if there isn’t one already available
  • Get them a cooling mat

Trails in Grass

Especially seen in females, dogs will pace along fence lines to reinforce their territory. Trails may also be made purely out of habit. You can manage this by putting things in the path to disrupt the normal travel and aid in recovery, like a landscape border with hardy plants. Shady areas will have a difficult time recovering.

Dog on the grass.

Aerating your lawn helps loosen the compacted soil after foot traffic. Liquid aeration, specifically, is beneficial because we can apply it right up to a structure and don’t have to worry about sprinkler lines.

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