Let’s delve into the unwelcome visitors who claim your home as their own. Pests do more than elicit screams; they pose a genuine threat by spreading diseases and creating an overall nuisance. Achieving the dream of a clean, pest-free home is within reach, and there are numerous proactive measures you can take to create this safe space.

1. Embrace a Spotless Pest-Free Lifestyle

Pests are gross, and they love dirty, untouched places. That’s why spiders live in the darkest, untouched corners and roaches celebrate behind your fridge. Pay extra attention to areas where pests may take residence like dark, moist spots, and keep your spaces sanitized, especially your kitchen. And don’t forget your carpets; fleas and clothes moths can bury themselves in the fibers.

One man’s trash is a pest’s treasure. That should be how the saying goes – seriously, they love your garbage. Here are some tips to keep your trash tidy:

  • Throw away food in the kitchen trash instead of cans around the house
  • Invest in outside containers with tightly sealed lids
  • Routinely give your trash cans a good wipe-down

This goes for your outdoor spaces as well! While it may be their natural habitat, a cluttered yard is more likely to invite unwanted guests or even infestations. Scoop up piles of leaves and debris and put away old furniture for a scurry-free oasis. Also, pests like mosquitoes reproduce in stagnant bodies of water, so dump out any potential breeding sites to limit activity!

2. Secure Your Fortress from Pests

Seal any holes and cracks that pests manage to wriggle into your home through. Scrutinize these areas for access points:

  • Windows and damaged screens
  • Entryways
  • The foundation
  • Siding and wall passages

Regardless of their size, pests seem to possess the magical ability to slip through the tiniest openings, as if defying the laws of physics. So don’t stress too hard, you won’t fill every gap but fixing up any in these areas will make a big difference.

3. Lock Up the Treats from Pests

In the world of pests, all food is deemed a delicacy, no exceptions. Stash away your sustenance in airtight containers to avoid any tampering or opt for the secure confines of your refrigerator or freezer. And when it comes to cleanliness, never underestimate the importance of retrieving any runaway morsels – yes, even the rogue grape that rolled under the fridge is worth the effort.

5. Invite the Welcome Guests Who Help with Pest Control

You can rely on natural predators to do some of this hard work for you! Birds LOVE a good insect feast. Here are some things you can do around your yard to encourage some singing friends:

  • Add a birdbath, just make sure to regularly change the water so it doesn’t become stagnant. Did you know that the sound of running water actually attracts birds?
  • Install a bird feeder with an easy clean bottom tray. You can determine what types of birds you can attracts depending on the feed you set out! Suet is great because of the fatty protein, it’ll bring in birds hungry for bugs. (Plus, the bird poo is great for plants)
  • Encourage a longer stay by adding a bird house, it’s a great way to protect our winged friends and provide a secure place for new life.

Click here for more ideas on how to make your yard a garden paradise for both birds and humans.

If you’re desperate, it’s time to call in the troops from the coop for outside control. Chickens are famous for their love of complete insect annihilation, plus they’re funny outside pets and provide a good egg breakfast! If you’re interested in starting your own flock, here’s a beginner’s guide to all things chicken.

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