It’s that time of the year!  The dreaded Leaf Spot disease might have begun popping up on your property’s greens.  You may see some nasty little spots on the leaves of your favorite plants or grass.  It’s a real shame because leaf spot can’t be simply cured with the squirt of a fungicide as some of the products in your local home-care store may have you believe.

It’s just not that easy to reverse the damage of Leaf Spot disease and, the worst part, it’s a sign that your grass isn’t perfectly healthy and that proper preventative measures might not have been taken.

What is it and where does it come from?  Leaf Spot can come in the early summer (which is right now as summer officially started late last month on the 21st.)  The spots are caused by a fungus that look like lesions of a brownish color but can also be tan or pure black.  These “eyespots” are not necessarily harmless – they are eating away at your lawn’s grass.

What sort of cultural practices can you engage your grass in to help prevent leaf spot from happening again?

Excessive dampness can cause Leaf Spot.  Watering in the morning is the best plan as you give your lawn a chance to dry during the day.  If you’re watering several times a week, you may have been the single cause of Leaf Spot!  By over watering, you’re giving the spot-causing fungus a chance to thrive on your property.

Aeration can do a lot towards preventing Leaf Spot as well as other simple-but-effective lawn care upkeep methods.  Fungicide can be a decent prevention but you need to make sure you’re not using a store-bought fungicide that’s not at all organic.  Talk to us about making sure the fungicide you do use is going to help (and not hurt) your lawn in the long run.

The healthier your grass is, the better prepared it will be to handle leaf spot. This includes using a healthy and organic topsoil before Leaf Spot is fully in motion.  We would like to reiterate – a healthy lawn is the best prevention of the disease.

Do you have issues with leaf spot disease right now and need a professional lawn care company like us at Emerald Lawns to come out and help you start a pathway to grass healthiness?  If so, get in touch with us today and request a free estimate for what you need to have done to your lawn.  512.990.2199.

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