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We care for our community locally, and now we are caring globally. As many of you know, we extend our support to the Cares Alliance, a non-profit organization whose goal is to fulfill the financial needs of those in the Central Texas area. Now, we partnered with In2Care, our supplier for mosquito traps, to protect another organization that serves those with neurological or other disabilities.

Lar Maria de Lourdes is a non-profit organization located in Taquara, Jacarepaguá in the city of Rio de Janeiro. The institution was founded in June of 1998 to house and care for bed-ridden children, adolescents, and adults.

History of Lar Maria de Lourdes

The beginning of Lar Maria de Lourdes started with a woman named Dona Maria de Lourdes who transformed her home into a shelter for kids with disabilities. When she passed away, her children, Maria Isabel & Paulo Alves, took over the house and established Lar Maria de Lourdes thanks to the encouragement of the Foundation for Children and Adolescents (FIA). The institute has a wonderful team of specialized professionals who have experience working with disabled individuals.

Maria Isabel
Maria IsabelPresident of Lar Maria de Lourdes

The Residents

The institution is now home to roughly 35 children, adolescents, and adult neuropaths, or those with some type of neurological disorder or other disorder. For a majority of the residents, Lar Maria de Lourdes has been the only home they know. Some of the residents have family members and receive visits from their parents, but others don’t even know their parents.

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The Mission

The mission of Lar Maria de Lourdes is to deliver children, adolescents, and adults their guaranteed rights while caring for them, maintaining their dignity, and respecting their limitations. Above all else, the institution expresses love and offers affection towards each resident.

Our Goal & What We’re Doing

We partnered with Lar Maria de Lourdes because one of our top values is to initiate. When we see a need, we meet that need!

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  • We are committing 2 years of protection for Lar Maria de Lourdes with In2Care.
  • In2Care provides mosquito traps that are pet, kid, and economically friendly.
  • Their solution is effective in removing mosquitoes and restoring your yard to an enjoyable space.
  • In2Care’s goal is to provide products that use real science to fight disease-carrying mosquitos even in developing countries.
  • Mosquitoes carry many dangerous diseases including Dengue, which is very present in South America where Lar Maria de Lourdes is located.
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About Dengue

The dengue virus is spread through the bite of infected female Aedes mosquitoes. This is just one of the various viruses that the Aedes mosquito can spread, making these insects dangerous for mankind. The virus produces many intolerable symptoms such as:

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  • Severe headaches
  • Muscle and joint pain
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Pain behind the eyes
  • Skin rashes
  • Bleeding
  • Sudden high fever
  • Fatigue

Dengue is common in over 100 countries with 40% of the world’s population inhabiting areas that have a risk of the virus. With up to 400 million individuals infected with the virus each year, dengue is typically the prominent cause of illness in at-risk areas. The CDC states that “approximately 100 million people get sick from infection, and 22,000 die from severe dengue.” (CDC, 2019). The Aedes mosquito which is a big, disease-carrying threat in South America is also a threat here in Texas.

What You Can Do

With the purchase of our In2Care mosquito traps, you are protecting your home and helping protect Lar Maria de Lourdes. We are committing 2 years of protection by placing In2Care mosquito traps around the orphanage, your purchase supports this commitment!

Looking to contribute? Click the link below to join us!

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