Emerald Lawns takes great pride in its service to our customers. We work hard to make a beautiful lawn for you. A beautiful lawn is a green and healthy lawn. In this article, we’ll talk about four of the ways that Emerald Lawns greens up your lawn.

Aeration – A core aeration uses a lawn aerator to remove plugs of soil and thatch from the lawn. This process makes room for air, water and nutrients to penetrate the lawn. Core aeration creates holes of a significant diameter about ½ to ¾ of an inch. This gives the water, air and nutrients space to get to the root of your lawn where they’re most needed. We generally aerate during the fall and spring; however, we can do an aeration at any time of year. It depends on when your soil needs it the most. You can see how we do this by checking out this video from YouTube. Aeration greens up your lawn by giving water, nutrients and air the ability to reach your root system and allow for new growth.

Top Dressing – Some say that top dressing is the single best thing you can do to green up your lawn. Top dressing requires you to apply a layer of compost over the lawn. It greens up the lawn quickly and is inexpensive. An annual application of top dressing promotes healthy root and soil structure because it infuses the soil with beneficial microbes and essential minerals. It is ideal for poor soil quality/quantity. Emerald Lawns uses professional top dressing machines to ensure there is an even layer of compost spread across your lawn.

Fertilization – Feeding your lawn greens up your lawn. Giving the lawn proper nutrients aids in its color and overall health. We use a slow-release fertilizer to green up your lawn in a healthy manner. It’s good for your lawn and the environment. We feed your lawn several times a year to keep it green and keep it in good shape for each season of the year. A healthy and well fed lawn is better able to withstand stress conditions like drought.

Mirimichi Green– Mirimichi Green is a compost tea with active bio-nutrients. It’s an all-natural, food-grade bio-stimulant that feeds your lawn with good stuff that it needs. It reduces the need for fertilizer and provides all-natural items for your lawn to feast on. We use it in combination with fertilizer for maximum effect. Mirmichi Green is specifically formulated to help existing lawns and native grasses thrive.  The liquid solution contains an ideal balance of nutrients distilled to 400 Dalton size (the smallest size on the market) so grass can immediately absorb its benefits.

With all of these procedures, Emerald Lawns greens up your lawn beautifully. We make sure you have a well-maintained and cared for lawn that’s healthy and green. If you’re ready to see the Emerald Lawns difference, give us a call at 512-990-2199.