Buffalograss: Worth the Hassle?

Though it can have an appealing look, buffalograss is just not worth the hassle. But why do people keep coming back to this odd type of grass? It’s not unreasonable people enjoy this grass and we can see why they do–let’s first look at what makes it an interesting grass and then go over why it is likely unsuitable for you to plant on your Austin lawn.


Buffalograss has an interesting history. It was in the great plains that was roamed by, you guessed it, buffalo! Additionally, this unique type of grass also provided the sod that the early settlers used to create their homes! So, with that in mind, this turf choice might be appealing to those with a soft spot for American history. It also has a unique look, its long growth slouches over to create a nice, curling aesthetic.

Scents and more

This warm-season grass has a lovely smell. It also has another fascinating feature: there are male and female plants within it as it’s a dioecious organism. The difference between the male and female plants is the spot where the flowers pop up on the grass. But does that mean you should give in to the temptation and get it on your lawn? Maybe not.


This grass is simply not optimized for the average lawn. When installing this grass, you are not going to be able to walk over it very much. In the likely event your grass sees foot traffic, buffalograss is going to bail on you. The worst part might be that natural graying can occur–most of us want to have the greenest grass possible! This grayish-browning is from its natural waxy coating. Not exactly lovely.

Weed control will become another issue for you. This type of grass is not great when other plants compete with it.

You’d be much better off with a more suitable grass. The first one off the top of our heads that could really rock your turf is St. Augustine. There are plenty of other great options though – just be positive you’re doing the proper research.

Reach Out

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