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Lawn Fertilization Services ​& Weed Control for the Austin TX Area

For a healthy, weed-free lawn you will love & your neighbors will admire.

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Guaranteed Weed Control and Lawn Fertilization Results

Lawn Fertilizer + Weed Control Designed for Greater Austin

Hiring our company for fertilization & weed control is like having a personal trainer + nutritionist for your lawn ​(with results guaranteed)!
Lawn Fertilizer Service

Lawn Fertilizer

Home-town experience & precise fertilization for the win.

Lawn Care
Weed Control Near Me

Weed Control

Put the kaboom on Texas-sized weeds year-round.

Lawn Care
Lawn Care and Pest Control

Good-bye Grubs

By the time it’s visible, the damage is already done.

Lawn Care
Weed Control Lawn Disease Service

Contain Turf Disease

An eye like a hawk & persistence, that’s how we do it.

Lawn Care

Lush, Thick Grass
that you’ll enjoy coming home to!

Since 2006, we’ve been perfecting our lawn fertilizer blend so folks can have a healthy Texas pride for their turf from Georgetown to Lakeway & Liberty Hill to Round Rock.

Lawn Fertilizer Service and Weed Control

Improved Soil 

Our company applies specific supplements to counter-act high pH levels from limestone-infused & compacted soil, year-round.​

Lawn Fertilizer Service & Weed Control Service Near Me

Precisely-Timed Lawn Fertilization

Texas-sized weather and challenges require Texas-sized lawn care. See our lawn fertilization calendar.

Lawn Fertilizer Bags and Weed Control Bags

Custom Blended Lawn Fertilizer Treatments

Co-developed with our partner’s scientists, our secret fertilization recipe delivers thick, green grass without a shed full of bags.

Texas Turf Grass Association Members in Austin

Weed Control that’s Guaranteed!

“What weed control is best in my area?”

Our technicians apply the best-in-class weed pre-emergent & spot treatments on every visit.

Lawn Fertilizer and Weed Control Company Near Me

A Weed Barrier that Works

We apply pre-emergent in spring & fall reducing weeds before they surface. It lasts 3x longer than store bought!

Weed Control Near Me

Put the Hammer on Weeds

From Cedar Park to Buda, Lake Travis to Round Rock, weeds don’t stand a chance.

Lawn Care, Fertilization and Weed Control Near Me

Proprietary Weed Control Formula

Because there are various grass types & seasons of the year, we produced a custom blend weed-control for each.

Good-bye Grubs
and other lawn pests

Prices starting at $89.22…

By including grub control with your lawn treatment program, you also receive FREE service calls for Armyworms and other lawn insects!

Lawn Care

What is the Best Grub Control?

We use the best product on the market that only requires one application a year. It is powerful, effective at attracting grubs & is environmentally-friendly.​

Lawn Care and Turf Services

Are Armyworms Harmful?

They can turn a lawn brown in only 24 hours! This pest eats Bermuda grass stems & appear to come out of nowhere. (FREE service calls)

Weed Control Services

What’s the Secret?

Ongoing attention! “Texas has more different kinds of insects than any other state.” Our timely & persistent care for program customers protects with all-inclusive, FREE service calls.

Contain Turf Disease
to keep your lawn green & resilient

“What causes brown & yellow lawns?”

Humidity, heat & drought stress are ideal for the development of lawn disease [in abundance in Central Texas].

Brown Patch

This is a very common fungus in our area; but your “lawn geek” will identify & spot treat lawn diseases as part of your program.  

Weed Control and Lawn Disease Service

Take-All Patch

Offense is the best defense. Sometimes the untrained eye can mis-diagnose and cause additional damage. We catch things fast & apply lawn spot treatments.

Lawn Treatment Service

Leaf Spot & More

Hot, humid weather + over-watering creates a breeding ground for all types of turf disease. Read on about common lawn diseases in our area.

We’ll Earn Your Trust Every Visit

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What should I expect with my first lawn fertilizer service?2024-07-19T08:43:20-05:00
  • Your application will be scheduled out 3 to 5 business days after our first discussion with you
  • You do not need to be home to receive a lawn application; we’ll leave our notes at your front door
  • Please be sure to unlock the gate to your backyard and have pets put away
  • Watering your fertilization treatment within 24 hours will greatly improve its efficacy
  • Each application is approximately 6 weeks apart
Why do you do 8 lawn applications?2021-02-16T12:20:44-05:00

There are three reasons! 1st, the exact timing based upon what the soil needs and the weather. 2nd, We apply lower doses more frequently. This produces superior results, is better for your turf, soil, and environment. And 3rd, it enables you to request service calls and in-between application treatments to ensure you are 100% satisfied!

Do I have to buy the entire lawn care program?2022-09-15T14:07:05-05:00

No, you don’t! You can purchase “a la carte” treatments. However, to receive service calls between regularly scheduled applications, we require a minimum of a 6 application program.

Is there a contract for the fertilization and weed control program?2024-07-19T08:41:12-05:00

No, there isn’t! We do not believe in requiring or tying a customer to an annual contract.

What sets you apart from other lawn fertilizing companies near me?2024-07-19T08:46:02-05:00

We are a lawn fertilizer company that offers a “whole product” solution which is a combination of:

  • Friendly Customer Service
  • Unique Custom Fertilizer Blend (designed specifically for Texas)
  • The Perfect Timing for Each Application (and how each application builds upon the other)
  • Training, Licensing & Certifications of our Technicians
  • and finally our 100% Guarantee

Read more about how we started from the spare room in our home in 2006.

What does it cost to get your lawn fertilized by Emerald Lawns?2024-01-24T08:57:23-05:00
What is the best weed control?2024-01-24T08:54:20-05:00

Controlling weeds is an ongoing battle and not a “one-and-done” event!

Weeds have the ability to grow anywhere there’s room and consequently, they’re everywhere. Weed seeds come in abundance and from many sources. Additionally, they have the ability to lay dormant in the soil for years before germinating. When actively growing, weeds produce thousands of seeds per plant. As a result, weeds disperse those seeds throughout the season.

Here are some tips we advise:

1. Know what you’re working with. Different types of weeds require different treatments.
2. Mow often. Despite the concern that mowing can spread weed seeds, it’s more beneficial to the health and density of your lawn to mow frequently. By having a thick, full lawn you essentially help “crowd out” the weeds. Correspondingly, weeds grow when there is space for them and a thick lawn reduces available space for the weeds to grow in.
3. Apply a pre-emergent in the fall and spot-treat weeds throughout the year to help grow healthy turf and reduce weeds.
4. Coupled with those other tips, follow our watering guidelines to nurture your lawn and stop weeds in their tracks.

Here are some resources you may find helpful to maintain a weed-free lawn:

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